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Fully Automatic AAC Block Production Line Cement Brick 50000m3

Categories AAC Block Production Line
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: SUCCESS
MOQ: 50000m3/year-300000m3/year
Price: Negotiable
Packaging Details: Container
Delivery Time: Negotiable
Payment Terms: T/T L/C etc
Certification: ISO9001-2008
Automatic Grade: Automatic
Power: 380kw - 450kw
Processing: Autoclaving
product name: AAC Block Production Line
Raw Material: Sand|Lime|Cement|Gypsum|Aluminum powder|Water
voltage: 220V|380V
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Fully Automatic AAC Block Production Line Cement Brick 50000m3

Fully Automatic AAC Block Production Line Cement Brick 50000m3


The mould can work only when the mould frame, the side plate (bottom plate) and the clamping arm are put together into an integral body. Besides, the mould cannot work without the turnover hoisting device.
a) Mould frame:
The mould frame is the main body of the mould. The side plate is mounted on the mould frame and clamped by the clamping arm. Then when the mould is turned over ninety degrees, it will be possible to do pouring. After the pouring is finished, the mould will be lifted in the air by the turnover hoisting device, turned over ninety degrees so that the block stands upright, and carried to the cutting table. Then the clamping arm will be loosened, and the mould frame stripped off. After that, the block will be cut.To start the next cycle, the mould frame will have the side plate mounted on it, be tightened by the clamping arm and turned over ninety degrees. Now it has become a mould capable of receiving the pouring once again.
b) Side plate:
The side plate is a wall plate on the opening side of the mould frame. The mould will be turned over ninety degrees after it is tightened by the clamping arm and sealed tightly with sealing strips. On the cutting table, when the mould is stripped off, the side plate will become the bottom plate of the block.
c) Clamping arm:
The manual control on the turnover hoisting device can drive the clamping arm to turn ninety degrees, thus making the clamping arm tightened or loosened.

Quick Detail:

Following the domestic development requirement regarding energy saving and environmental protection, we have upgraded, innovated and developed series of AAC production line equipment based on initiation from and absorption of the advanced German technology and design concept. So far we have supplied all kinds of AAC production line equipment in different facility configurations and production capacities to domestic and abroad customers. In the meanwhile, we have provided customers with various kinds of service such as upgrade of equipment, expansion of production capacity, analysis of raw material, systematic process design and layout, complete project management, and so on.

Raw Material:Sand,Lime,Cement,Gypsum, Aluminum powder,Water


We can supply different equipment configuration for following AAC production lines:
- AAC Block and Panel Production Line in Annual Output (Production Capacity) of 50,000m3
- AAC Block and Panel Production Line in Annual Output (Production Capacity) of 100,000m3
- AAC Block and Panel Production Line in Annual Output (Production Capacity) of 150,000m3
- AAC Block and Panel Production Line in Annual Output (Production Capacity) of 200,000m3
- AAC Block and Panel Production Line in Annual Output (Production Capacity) of 250,000m3
- AAC Block and Panel Production Line in Annual Output (Production Capacity) of 300,000m3


Project Proposal of AAC Production Line AAC Plant
Annual out put 50,000-300,000m3
I Production Technique
1. Product Principle
1) Technology Orientation
Production and application of aerated concrete has a history more than 40 years in China. Viewing from technology point, high quality products can use 3mm special sand slurry technology to meet the construction requests and 50% energy saving goals. (When mortar joint is less than 3mm, take thermal conductivity coefficient of wall as 1; when mortar joint is more than 3mm, take thermal conductivity coefficient of wall as 1.5). Based on the history of the aerated concrete development, only high quality products can bring a prosperous market. Thus, the technology orientation of this scheme is high-class products according to China Standard GB11968-2006.
2) Production Capacity
The product is aerated concrete block and the output is 150,000m3 per year. The first phase can be equipped according to 100,000m3 per year. There is a reservation of plate in consideration of user's need.
3) Product Specification
Products conform to requirement of 04~07 grade blocks stated in GB11968-2006.
General Specifications of Aerated Concrete Blocks

Working Principle:

Technical Parameter:

The formulation of aerated concrete of 600kg/m3 absolute dry volume weight is:
Sand : Quick Lime : Cement : Gypsum = 68 : 20 : 10 : 2
Aluminum accounts for 0.074% of the total volume of dry materials;
Ratio of water to material: 0.6~0.65.

Application Range:

Autoclaved Aerated Concrete AAC Production Line AAC Plant used for products of AAC.

Autoclave uses:

The autoclave as large steam curing equipment, can be used for autoclaved sand brick, fly ash brick, aerated concrete block, high strenght cement electric pole, concrete pile and other cement products, also to be used for wood, pharmaceutical, chemical, glass, insulation materials and other industries.

Operation Instruction:

One-shift production may be put into practice when piecework system is carried out in the enterprise, but working hours must be prolonged and workers of the shift must be increased, and also labor protection should be done well. If four autoclaves are arranged in Phase One, fixed persons are organized in one shift.

AAC is a kind of light cellular silicate products. Main material based on Silicon materials ( sand, fly ash,gangue contains silicon)and Calcium(cement and lime),mix with foaming agent (Aluminium powder), after batching, mixing, pouring,pre-curing,cutting,stream(autocaled),and other process ,finally, get this light weight concrete products..

Fly-Ash: fly ash is waste from Thermal plant.Fly ash is rich in silica and aluminum oxide ,so it is good raw material to make aac block. Fly ash is also divided into two kinds--wet fly ash, dry fly ash.The dealing way will vary as per the fly ash condition

Sand: Except fly ash,Sand can be the main material too.The requests is that the Silica content is above 69% .Sea sand can not be used as aac raw material.

Lime: Active powered lime is a requirement for giving the real aeration to the product. In phase 1 we can aim to buy the active lime directly. In phase -2 we can think of having backward integration and making a lime powering unit at site to have a more competitive advantage, We can also think of a lime burning klin inside the factory premises. The project financials however have not considered the costs of powering unit, and the lime kiln in this project. Different qualities of lime are available, and depending on the raw materials, the mix design can be chosen to get the optimal quality of production.

OPC cement. This Project aims to utilize OPC cement as main binder material. It will give faster strength to the bricks, besides giving improved consistent quality. It also ensures a better cost effectiveness for the same. Using OPC will be a standardized practice. The other prime advantages of using OPC (compared to other binders) is it's easy availability locally through nationwide Retail Network of Cement Companies.

Gypsum: This too is an industrial waste. This is available as an industrial byproduct of Fertilizer Plant. Gypsum is responsible to give long term strength to the Blocks.

Aluminum Power. Finely ground Aluminum power is used in very limited quantity ( less than 0.5%), so that it reacts with active lime, and silica in base material to make the aeration.

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